Great Ideas For You and Your Kids I had the privilege of having a “Girl’s Day Out” with my daughter’s this week. We were invited to attend “Breakfast with Elmo” at Busch Gardens, and I decided that since we were going to make the effort of going out, that we would go and make a […]

Home Made Play Dough Recipe

-2 cups baking soda -1 1/2 cups water -1 cup cornstarch -Mix together until smooth. Gently boil over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thick.  Remove from heat. Separate into bowls for different colors and add desired food coloring. Spoon onto wax paper or a plate. Cool and enjoy!

100% Sure That God is With You

Round tables filled the large room with numbers on them. Kevin, my husband, and I walked in and looked for our assigned table. We were attending a small fund-raising event hosted by The Joy FM, (a Christian Radio Station for Central Florida) which included a nice dinner and a private concert with Christian performing artist […]

Mexican Egg Scramble

This is a great recipe that can be used for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack for the kids. It is also a wonderful dish for the pickier eaters who are not fond of spinach or eggs! 2 Scrambled Eggs (or whatever amount you need) Spinach (around a cup) Tomatoes Onions – optional Fresh Garlic […]

The Intentional Investment of Initiation 1

Today I was reading Martin Luther’s “By Faith Alone” Devotional while drinking my coffee and something he said inspired me for this blog post. Luther said, “God’s work is accomplished when we use the resources given to us. He wants us to use our resources but not put our trust in them. While it’s true […]