Happy Easter!

Today we celebrate….One Man, One Mission, One God. He came to teach us and we rejected Him. He came to save us from death. We killed Him. Fortunately for us, He knows how to conquer death…and sin. He’ll show us how to do both….if we let Him. For me, it’s not a matter of “if.” […]

My Song of Love 1

He was calling me into His chambers, even before the day that I was born. It is my sweetest love story ever to be told, about my Savior and my Lord. It was how a God, who loved His creation, gave His only One, to gain in exchange an infinity of souls; children, He would […]

Social Networking or Social Venerating?

I really enjoy social networking. It is real-time real life interaction with people all around the world. Those who understand social media, feel the freedom to express their thoughts within the limitations of just a sentence or two. It is immediate interaction and connection with people, and most of us have never even met in […]

My Role Model: The Rubber Band 2

My husband, Kevin, and I are at an interesting place in our lives right now. We are the parents of a “tween” and a toddler, both of whom are a challenge standing alone; put them together, along with our 2 cats and dog, and we have the Lyons Den Cirque Du Soleil. Some days I […]


We eat homemade pizza in our house almost every week. This recipe came to me from a friend who knew we make our own pizza. This is a family favorite in their household. We hope you enjoy! (Look at the end for a short cut to homemade pizza!) 1/2-cup butter 1 1/2 -cups all-purpose flour […]