Once a Parent, Always a Parent 1

Parenting is the only job I know of that you are always the boss, even though you aren’t always in charge. You could do it with your eyes closed even though you must keep your eyes open at all times. You could do it in your sleep, and you usually are! You are always teaching […]

I Am

I see the sun, but not the rain. I feel the rain, but not the wind. The wind moves me through the clouds. I see the Son, feel the rain, and am moved by the wind. I AM. Changed me.

National Day of Prayer

“No ocean can hold it back. * No river can overtake it. * No whirlwind can go faster. * No army can defeat it. * No law can stop it. * No distance can slow it. * No disease can cripple it. * No force on earth is more powerful or effective than the power […]

The Irony of Paradox

While there are many “Why’s” that never have a reason, I often get the answers to the questions I’m not asking. My life, though seemingly very simple, is actually so very complex. And in my greatest wisdom, I can be found very foolish; although it isn’t about what I am turning away from, but Who […]

Have You Checked-In? 1

The Multiplication of Four Square Day It all started with one man and a vision. Now, I am not sure if it is because Nate Bonilla-Warford is an Optometrist and he could “see” things more clearly than the rest of us, or, because he is an Eye Doctor and he just wanted to sell more […]