Once a Parent, Always a Parent 1

Parenting is the only job I know of that you are always the boss, even though you aren’t always in charge. You could do it with your eyes closed even though you must keep your eyes open at all times. You could do it in your sleep, and you usually are! You are always teaching even though you are the one who learns the most.

The one thing about parenting that is the most intriguing is, you love it through the best and worst of times and wouldn’t trade it for anything – no pay raise, no planet relocation, no time in history, and most of all, a different set of kids. Nope, parenting is the perfect fit, Divinely appointed and anointed. God gives us the perfect kids for us, because they are carbon-copies of their parents.

Once you are a parent, you are always a parent. It is the only job from which you can never retire. There isn’t any health package, pay raises and never any time off. You are always over-worked and highly underpaid (however, the group benefits are out of this world!) No accolades or awards and the only red carpet you will ever walk on is probably followed by a fast trip to the emergency room! You have to gain weight to become a Mom and spend the rest of your life working it off! You spend the first twenty years complaining how stressed out you are and how you never have any time, while you spend the rest of your life after that telling everyone how quickly it went by and how alone you feel. You can’t wait to get your grown kids out of the house, but then beg to get their kids in your house!

Whew! Parenting is the most contradictory job I know! You have to make decisions every day, but are usually unsure if what you are doing is the right thing! Goodness, people! Parenting is one of the oldest jobs known to mankind, close behind gardening. You would think we would have a clue as to how to do this by now…. (yes, I am smiling right now as I am shaking my head from side to side…)

Thank God that our Creator is also our Father God. There is a manual (It’s better than any “Parenting For Dummies 101″ book out there) instructing us how to do this. It’s called the Bible. If you haven’t looked there for help in how to raise your kids right, I would highly recommend you check it out today. It will not only change your kids life, but yours, too.

  • http://twitter.com/KelvinKings Kelvin Kings Mulembe

    Hahaa..very interesting. “No different set of kids.”