My Song of Love 1

He was calling me into His chambers, even before the day that I was born. It is my sweetest love story ever to be told, about my Savior and my Lord.

It was how a God, who loved His creation, gave His only One, to gain in exchange an infinity of souls; children, He would call His own.

It’s about a story of love so pure that needs to be expressed. It’s about a Redeemer of all mankind, a Blessed One to bless.

It is written “God loved the world so much He gave His only Son, that whosoever believed in Him would not die but dwell with the Eternal One.”

This story begins before the beginning of time, because it came from God. As He is the Author and Finisher of our faith, He is the writer of my song.

It is a song of love, so simple and sweet, I can no longer contain. I have to sing my Lover’s song, because I have a song to sing.

There was a time when I could not sing, no melody would be there. No rhythm, no lyric, or tune would shine. No story to be shared.

Just pain and sorrow, mourning and hurt, the shackles of despair. Although I hoped, although I travailed, my heart was in need of repair.

For you see, although I had done all the right things, and had no reason for pain; I had been in bondage to myself, looking for my own reward to gain.

I had prided myself in being me, and lived in my own kingdom; of doing what I had felt was right, instead of by God’s Holy Spirit.

Even though my greatest attempts of doing good resulted in wonderful deeds; they could not save me from myself, they could not meet my deepest needs.

When suddenly faced with life and death, I was quickly brought to my knees, to cry out in anguish to my God, who gave me my first breath to breathe.

I knew He had the power to save, to heal, and to forgive. I clung to every hope I had with a fervency I will never forget.

My Lord had to teach me how to rise up and fight, to use my shield of faith, to put on the full armor of God, and to never doubt through pain.

For you see, I had been raised in the church, with solid theology told. I memorized the Word of God, denying other fallacies sold.

I did not compromise on the only Truth, the one that I had been given. I choose to seek no other God, because there isn’t one living.

But yet through my struggles and through all of my tears, there was One who had always been there. He saw me through my strongest battles, and conquered my greatest fears.

He gave me the power to succeed, to always believe and to tarry; to have joy through sorrow, and strength through the pain. He gave me my cross to carry.

I always thought I was carrying the cross, but it wasn’t his that I carried. It was a weighty, tiresome and a heavy one. It was mine, that I had chosen to marry.

But God is Divine, so Sovereign, so True. He’s the One who cannot fail. Whenever His Word goes forth, as it does with great power, even hell cannot prevail.

So my Deliverer showed Himself strong with power and Love, and overcame my very worst enemy. I praised Him greatly through the battles, and thanked Him for being Strong and Mighty.

He truly conquered death and fear, and mightily rose from the grave. He then gave His Word to me that He will always Deliver and Save.

I know within my heart that is true, and this is why I sing. I sing of my Redeemer’s love, and the One who knows everything.

Sometimes, I know, I cannot see why bad things happen to me. That’s when I trust in the Greater Power, the Creator of the land and the sea.

There is only One God, the Almighty Most High, the One who gave His only Son; to be my Redeemer, my Lover, my Friend. For me, He’s the only One.

For you see, my God is a jealous God. And he is always faithful and true. The wonderful thing that I have to tell you about, is what He did for me, He will do for you, too.

So, who is this Beloved One that I sing praises about? The One of whom I adore? Well, His name is Jesus, God’s only Son, the One who I call Savior and Lord.

Copyright 2005 Vicki L. Lyons

Psalm 91

  • Gail

    This is a beautiful, thoughtful piece. I love your writing. I am very familiar with being in bondage, placing unusually high expectations on myself in the search of perfection in many areas of my life–my own self inflicted cross like you mentioned. Recognizing this was a revelation for me and only then was God able to show me that He is there to take the burden from me. He is a wonderful Savior indeed.