100% Sure That God is With You

Round tables filled the large room with numbers on them. Kevin, my husband, and I walked in and looked for our assigned table. We were attending a small fund-raising event hosted by The Joy FM, (a Christian Radio Station for Central Florida) which included a nice dinner and a private concert with Christian performing artist Mark Schultz.

We enjoyed pleasant conversation over dinner with 4 other couples that were also seated at the same table. Jeff MacFarlane, the station Manager for the Joy FM welcomed us warmly (there were around 160 people in the room) before introducing Mark Schultz, who then stepped up to his Yamaha CP keyboard. I loved hearing of the inspirations behind some of his well-known ballads like “Walking Her Home,” “He’s My Son,” and “Letters From War.” He also shared with us a newer release, “God of Glory.”

The overall message that Mark conveyed with us is that throughout all of his travels, the people who have influenced his life and impacted his ministry the most “didn’t do anything differently than anyone else in their position would do who was 100% sure that God was with them.”

He told of a minister who offered him his first song-writing job upon Mark’s arrival to Nashville. The minister wanted to hire Mark full-time to come to his church and write songs and sing. Mark asked him why wanted to do that. The minister replied, “Isn’t that why you came to Nashville? To sing and write songs?”

Because of this Minister, Mark has written many songs that have ministered to thousands all over the world. Mark said that this Minister “didn’t do anything differently than anyone else in his position would do who was 100% sure that God was with him.”

It was powerful to hear how different individuals throughout the course of Mark’s life were influential in getting him where he is today because they “didn’t do anything differently than anyone else in their position would do who was 100% sure that God was with them.”

That really hit me. It is a message of a lifestyle of walking with the Lord and being led by His Holy Spirit. It is a message of how simple obedience in one’s life down at the daily level can impact an individual’s future, resulting in a world-wide ministry and ultimately impacting hundred’s of thousands, if not millions, of lives. It is a message of hope and a challenge to us all that we wouldn’t “ do anything differently than anyone else” in our position would who “was 100% sure” that God was with us.

Are you 100% sure that God is with you?

He finished the evening with the powerful and beloved worship song, “I Am.”  At one point in the evening, Mark received a well-deserved standing ovation. It was obvious that his message spoke to the audience and his songs ministered to us all. For me, it was a thought-provoking concert and I walked away with a better understanding of Mark Schultz and the man behind the songs. It was an evening to remember, for sure. I left with a renewed determination that I would be one who doesn’t do anything differently than one in my position would who was 100% sure that God was with me.