Cranberry-Apple Spring Mix Salad Recipe

Today I made myself an amazing salad. I normally eat chef salads for lunch, but since it is an absolute must for me to have little Grape Tomatoes on my salad, I was disappointed to discover that we were completely out of tomatoes. What was I to do? I enjoy salads for lunch; for me, it’s like a refreshing break of my day and I know it’s healthy, too. So, I was at the crossroads of decision.

Then, I remembered: I had “Craisins” in the cupboard and apples in the refrigerator. I have had delicious Cranberry/Apples salads in restaurants, but I have never attempted to create one myself. I would try something new – And I am so glad that I did! I created an amazing salad that I completely enjoyed and will definitely have again. I know it probably wouldn’t be considered the most gourmet salad out there, but it is a quick and simple salad that is easy to make and most of us have these ingredients in our kitchen anyways. You don’t have to go to the store and buy all of these unique and hard to find products.

This is my salad:

Cranberry-Apple Spring Mix Salad Recipe

Spring Mix Salad Blend

1 Chopped Apple (I used Red Delicious Apples from Michigan, but Green apples, or your favorite apple would be tasty also.)

Craisins Sweetened Dried Cranberries

Blue Cheese or Feta Cheese sprinkled on top (Today I had to used an Italian Blend of Cheeses because that is what I had and it was very good also.)

Large Cut Caesar Croutons tossed on top

Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette lightly drizzled over the salad

I know some people like to put walnuts or almonds in their salad. I am not crazy about either of those, so the croutons work for me to give it a nice crunch. The apples and cranberries provide a great burst of flavor, too.

Now, I will have to decide: Chef Salad or Cranberry-Apple Spring Mix Salad. I am so happy that I decided to venture out and try something new.