Be real!

Hi! Welcome to my Blog! I trust that you are having a good day today, and if you are not, then let me tell you that you can make it. You have the strength to get through this day and tomorrow can be a new day, with new opportunities.

While I am typing this, I am sitting in my home. I can see baby toys on the floor along with a few dog toys scattered around. In my sink there are some unwashed dishes and in my laundry room, there are some clothes that need to be folded (hey, at least they’ve been washed, right?)

What is my point? It is this: I am not a perfect person with my act together, as I am discovering that most of us aren’t.  I do not live in a museum, nor do I pretend to. I have children, 2 cats and a dog, and with that combination, there will always be toys scattered around. Oh yes, I also have a husband, too, although he doesn’t pull out his toys and leave them laying all over the floor!  Thank you, Sweetie!

We finally had company over the other night. It was the most amazing thing -we had a good time! I finally got over the fact that my house didn’t have to be perfect before people came over, and we just did it,  invited some friends over. It was a great experience! My husband and I just looked at each other after everyone went home and asked ourselves, “Why haven’t we done this sooner?”  It was fun!

My word to you today is To be Real. Don’t live behind a facade of perfection. Very few of us has our act together and we are all seeking the same thing:  acceptance.  Don’t try to be perfect before you allow people into your life and don’t pretend to be perfect after you do. You aren’t perfect and neither am I. Too many friendships are lost because perfection gets in the way.

Go out there and be real (with grace, of course.) Be willing to be vulnerable. Open yourself up to others who truly care about you and let them in. Yes, there will be hurts along the way, but the rewards of deep and meaningful relationships will be worth it.